ICTNN 2018

We will very pleased having you as a participant in the International Congress on Transdisciplinary -Nanocience & Nanotechnology. Please be very welome submiting your abstract in the link below.

Abstract submission deadline is September 9, 2018.

Please follow the instructions described in the Template for Preparation of One-page.

HOW TO Submit Abstract

Before the submission process, please be sure to prepare your Abstract according to the Template for the ICTNN 2018. You can find it on the web page.


After preparing you abstract according to the template, follow the next steps.

  1. Please, review Call For Papers Guidelines.
  2. Click on Submission Link.
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  4. Is you don’t have an Easy Chair Account, please register to create an Account (step 3.1), otherwise, skip to step 4.
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    3. 3.2_Complete the Captcha
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    5. 3.3_Fill out the form
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    7. 3.4_After filling the form, review the confirmation page. You will receive an email with further instructions, click the link to confirm your account.
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    9. 3.5_Once you confirmed your Easy Chair Account, please fill out the last form with a few more details about you. Write your new user name (Easy Chair will automatically check for username availability) and use a strong password
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    11. 3.6_After clicking Create My Accout, you Easy Chair account will be ready.
    12. 3.7_You will find a direct link after being redirected from account creation site, click to go back to login page
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  5. Login with you Easy Chair username and Password.
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  7. Click on enter as an author.
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  9. Once in the author page, follow the instructions to fill out the form, please be sure to mark at least one corresponding author, and include their email address.
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  11. Once you fill out the form, click on the Upload File button and select your abstract file, previously prepared according to the ICTNN 2018 template.
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  13. Once you file is selected, click on the Submit button, and it’s done!
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