On recent decades, global awareness of the environmental damages caused by pollutants and human activities have encouraged researchers to develop new fields of study, technologies and techniques, in order to prevent or diminish negative impacts on the environment.

The Nanoscience and nanotechnology is one of those fields and has been broadly developed due to the promising advances, it has shown undertaking environmental issues. These sciences have provided efficient tools to the restoration of ecosystems, as well as to remove or diminish the presence of a pollutant from the environment. Likewise, the nanoscience and nanotechnology are being used to increasing the efficiency rate of clean energies production. Through the nanoscience is possible to expand the positive and reduce the negative environmental impacts created by human activities and increase the energetic sustainability.

For this topic, five categories were assigned to classify the implementation of nanoscience and nanotechnology in fields related with the environment.


  • E1. Nano remediation
  • E2. Nanotechnologies applied in clean energies
  • E3. Sustainability
  • E4. Nanotoxicology
  • E5. Environmental impact in the use of nanotechnologies