Devices and applications

The topics of interest include, but are not limited to: devices ranging in size from microns to millimeters, IC-compatible fabrication techniques, other fabrication techniques, measurement of micro phenomena, theoretical results, new materials and designs, micro actuators, micro robots, micro batteries, bearings, wear, reliability, electrical interconnections, micro telemanipulation, standards appropriate to MEMS, Computer Architecture, High Performance Computing , Green Computing as embedded systems.


  • D2. BioMEMS / BioNEMS
  • D3. Energy harvesting actuators and storage
  • D4. Modeling and simulation of microstructures and microdevices
  • D5. Applications and Innovations in micro energy systems
  • D6. Education in Microtechnology
  • D7. Models, methods, tools, and architectures for embedded systems
  • D8. Field programmable gate arrays and other reconfigurable technologies
  • D9. Evolvable hardware and dynamic reconfiguration
    • D10. Algorithms implemented on reconfigurable hardware
    • D11. High Performance Computing Systems and Applications
    • D12. Heterogeneous systems that integrate FPGAs, GPUs, and APUs
    • D13. Security, Cryptography, Fault Tolerance, and High Assurance
    • D14. Machine Learning
    • D15. Computing education
    • D16. Computing applications